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People always want what you have but they don't want to go through all you had to go through to get to where you are. Nor do they understand what it takes to maintain what you have.

I do, seriously. We are a diverse group of well rounded folk in the area of relationships. We've experience divorce, break ups, tragedy within relationships, hurt and brokenness just like you. I know what it means to be in a relationship and feel alone or lost, not knowing what to do to rekindle some sort of spark.

After years of counseling I was able to hear true cries and prevent so many from giving up prematurely, with the exception of my own relationship. In my efforts of seeing so many through their relationship journey I didn't have the bandwidth to see my own through. I lost my creative thinking and became so critical. I was there but inwardly multitasking and trying to accomplish other important goals. It wasn't about wrong or right but more so me not living in a way that brought value to her the way i expect myself to.

I don't have the full solution but I can contribute a piece of fulfillment to the whole of the relationship. It's been tried and proven, we all wore a shirt at different times and for different reasons in our relationships and in each instant the response was greater than we expected.

YouSo You focuses on the "wow" factor that relationships need. We support and desire to assist with expressing yourself when no words are needed or when words aren't working.

The power of expression and creativity goes a long way in a relationship and I am here to help you.

...I would love to hear and post your experience!

Alexander Butler
Founder, YouSo You

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